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"We are SO IN LOVE with him! He's such a good dog, sweet-natured, friendly, confident, and SMART. He loves his tennis balls, bully sticks, and going on long walks to explore. He loves to greet and play with other dogs and people and one of his favorite things to do is go to the dog park. He isn't too fond of squirrels thought ;) He gets to come to work with me every day and he is just so loved by everyone."


Liam & Harry

"It's perfect for all of us. My boys are already saying it's the best Christmas ever and no one wants to go to school tomorrow! We're all really happy with them - complete members of the family. So thank you!"


"They're just so much fun. We call Harry our little hunter bcause he's always chasing something around. Liam does too. He's just more sneaky about it! We just love them! None of us can imagine the house without them... they are truly well loved at our house. Everyone dotes on them. They are quite spoiled and it's as it should be I think!"

Vanilla Bean.jpg

Pickle (fka Vanilla Bean)

"Pickle is happy and healthy! He made quick friends with our two older cats and loves having the run of the house. We are all in love with him! Can’t wait to enjoy the holidays with our newest little snuggle bug."

Riley (fka Pearl)

"I want to say that since adopting Pearl (we changed her name to Riley!) she has been SPOILED. She gets along with EVERYONE and is lucky to have two families who love her! Riley is the most LOVING dog in the world and we have (slowly!) begun her training to become a therapy pet. She’s struggling with sitting waiting for me when I’m not in the room (part of the training) because she just wants to always be with me! She also LOVES to snuggle right up between me and my boyfriend when we sleep together, and I think secretly she believes she is our human child and that she belongs in everything we do! 

I can’t say enough how thankful and grateful I am to your team for working with me to take Riley (pearl) home. She is a DREAM dog and we LOVE her!"

Kipper (fka Butter Pecan) & Marshmallow Creme

"Butter Pecan (Kipper) and Marshmallow Creme are doing so well! Our daughter adopted Marshmallow but we get some extra bonus time with our “grandcat” since they are doing a lot of holiday traveling. They completed our families perfectly and are so loved!"



"Soldier has warmed up to his new family! He is a sweet boy who loves Pack Walks, gnawing on tennis balls, and snuggling his parents each night on the couch!”


"We just love Stella. We adopted her in May and she is a great addition to our family. While she can be rather ....hmmm, what's the word: MISCHIEVOUS, she is also very sweet and always wants to be part of the family. We are still waiting to see how things go with the Christmas tree this year. LOL! She is very beautiful and LOVES the bath water and always has to watch me take a bath. It's so funny. She has an amazing personality and we are just so happy to have her."


"You had asked us to follow up regarding Baloo who we adopted just a few months ago and his past history of testing positive for FeLv...Well, great news! He tested completely negative just this week for FeLv! The vets were happy to have he result as it is not the most common but he did likely had the antibodies from his mom when tested at such a young age. Either way, he is healthy, happy, And he has a clean bill of health for moving forward.

I hope this comes as good news to you and that you are well! I have attached a photo of him with his favorite member of the household, our dog, Reynolds.

Thank you again for matching us with Baloo - he is such a quirky, loving, and fun kitten!”

Stefan (fka Willie Nelson)

"Willie Nelson, renamed Stefan, is fitting in great at our house. He’s the friendliest cat ever, he runs up to all of our guests and settles down in laps indiscriminately. He and our dog Damon are best buds; they play and nap together, Stefan even tries to steal the dog treats. He’s a bit of a troublemaker because he hasn’t figured out how gravity works yet, especially when he’s flinging jars from counters in the middle of the night. But other than that, he’s been great. He loves all food and has a huge appetite, loves to cuddle, and has an internal alarm clock that never lets us forget mealtimes."

Simmie (fka Ash)

"We love our Simmie. He’s extremely smart and trainable. And he’s growing soooooo big."

Tottie & Zoey

"The kittens are doing well. They are growing and getting along great with our older cats.. Just hoping they don’t tear down too many Christmas tree ornaments 😄"

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