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Our Community Cat Program is designed to offer help to the community with abandoned or orphaned kittens so they don't end up in a shelter. When abandoned or orphaned kittens are found by a member (caregivers) of the community, NPA will offer spay/neuter and adoption assistance to the caregiver once the kittens reach the appropriate age and all requirements are met.

The program is specifically designed to provide help for:

  • orphaned kittens under 10 weeks of age who were found abandoned (without a Mom)

  • kittens under 10 weeks who’ve been rescued from a feral Queen


Feral Queens with kittens under 6 weeks should not be taken in. The kittens should be left with the mother to care for them until they are weaned, between 6-8 weeks of age. At that point, kittens can be rescued and become part of the Community Cat Program.

Program Requirements

  • The caregiver will provide basic vetting for each kitten, which must include:

    • Comprehensive wellness exam - should be done when the caregiver takes custody, but must be done prior to spay/neuter

    • Vaccines (as age appropriate) - at a minimum FVRCP (kitten > 6 weeks) and Rabies (kitten > 12 weeks)

    • FIV/FeLV testing

    • Deworming – should be done every 2 weeks starting at 2 weeks of age (or from the age they are when the caregiver takes them in) for a total of 4 dewormings

    • Monthly flea/tick preventative (kitten > 8 weeks)

  • Proof of vetting will need to be provided to NPA.

  • All expenses, including food and the vetting outlined above, will be the responsibility of the caregiver. That also includes any additional or emergency medical care if needed.

  • The kitten(s) must remain with the caregiver (or designated alternative) until the point that they are adopted.

  • NPA will assume financial responsibility for spay/neuter once the kitten(s) are at least 8 weeks of age and 2 pounds.

    • All spay/neuter surgeries will be performed at Blue Ridge Veterinary Associates in Purcellville, VA. The caretaker will be responsible to transport the kitten(s) to/from the surgery on the date agreed to with NPA.

    • Alternatively, if the caretaker chooses to assume financial responsibility for spay/neuter, it can be performed at a veterinarian of their choosing.

  • Legal custody of the kitten(s) will transfer to NPA only after the spay/neuter surgery is complete.

  • NPA will market the kitten(s) for adoption and the caregiver will be required to attend adoption events with the kitten(s) until they are adopted out.


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